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Why Bistro Tables Could Be An Important Part Of Your Furniture Stock

One of the biggest hotel chains in the world, the Westin Corporation, has recently unveiled a major change to the configuration of its hotel lobbies. The company fully intends to run out this raft of changes to all of its properties and it's a trend we can expect to see proliferate throughout the industry over the coming years ahead. At a signature property in the Gas Lamp Quarter in San Diego, we can see a brand-new approach to functionality, decor and design.

For example, the hotel lobby now features what is called a "vertical" garden, where the organisation intends to create a calming and more natural environment. These gardens are intended to improve air quality and with more than just a casual nod to the environmental movement. The prototype hotel lobby also has done away with traditional check-in desks and replaced them with freestanding check-in "pods." This takes away the more formal or stuffy appearance of the traditional hotel lobby and gives the approaching guest a better sense of what they are about to experience.

From the point of view of venue providers across the world however the most significant change is in the launch of what the company has called "Dock." Small clusters of meeting tables now dominate the lobby in an attempt to foster impromptu meetings among hotel guests and attendees. The company has set up this area in order to be as flexible as possible. Power outlets are everywhere from a connectivity point of view as well as, of course, the ubiquitous Internet Wi-Fi. Each lobby also has a casual café nearby, so that the impromptu meeting can be garnished by refreshments according to the individual needs of the attendees. Now it is not necessary to jump through so many hoops in order to set up a breakout meeting, or to ensure that an important mini-meeting is as functional and productive as possible. The new configuration is intended to encourage such meetings simply to "happen."

A venue provider could learn a lot from this approach. An appropriate area could be configured with bistro tables and chairs, with refreshment options nearby. There might be on the one hand less of a focus on providing a lunch facility, or suggesting that people simply wander out into the city to make their own choices. As a venue provider if you ensure that you have a welcoming area with bistro tables and chairs and in-house refreshments on hand, then why would people have to leave your premises at midday, anyway?

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