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Whilst Budgets Increase, Different Needs For Trestle Tables Emerge

There's been particularly good news in the meetings and conferences sector in recent times. According to a survey, for example, of major insurance companies across the continent the average annual budget for events this year is more than 2m. Almost 50% of those polled estimated that they would increase their budget allocations in the coming quarters and expected a moderate uptick for the entire year. Some of this shift has been attributed to the fact that the market has shifted from being a buyer's to a seller's market, which means that for a change the "boot" is on the foot of the meeting space provider, giving at least more breathing room or room for expansion.

Many organisations are being seen to add business-related activities to incentive programmes that they have been organising. This means that they are looking for facilities to help them with these meetings, where they can introduce motivational and inspirational speakers. Whilst there may be somewhat less of a focus on "frivolous," there is nevertheless a focus on substance and the venue provider should bear this in mind when planning for the upcoming months ahead.

An interesting trend is in the introduction of strategic partners. In other words major companies may now reach out to separate entities such as, perhaps, credit card providers, to help them with the overall budget. This means that the strategic partner may sponsor individual breakout sessions or meals. Once again this may provide a challenge for the venue provider to cater for a variety of client needs, rather than focusing on one specific customer.

Venue providers who keep ahead of the trends may want to make sure that they have everything in place to satisfy the most discerning of clients. It's obviously important to assess what's ahead. In addition to the selection of appropriate hardware such as trestle tables and chairs, the provider must also be flexible in terms of meeting client needs. In an ideal world you should never say "no" to any request, fully understanding that extra flexibility on your part can lead to more than satisfied customers. The ultimate objective is, as ever, to make sure that the next customer is a repeat customer. When they keep coming back through the door, this makes your marketing a whole lot easier and less expensive. Furthermore, even though flexibility may cost you a little more at the outset, if perhaps you have to order additional trestle tables, you can always consider it to be a loss-leader against future dividend.

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